im waiting here слушать

  • Трек: Im waiting here
  • Исполнитель (артист): David Linch&Lykke Li
  • Длительность 5:58
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "David Linch&Lykke Li - Im waiting here"

    • 5:01
      lykke lii'm waiting here
    • 5:02
      david lynch x lykke liim waiting here
    • 3:45
      StaindIm Here Waiting
    • 2:34
      Norah Jones Turn Me On - Im just sittin here waiting for you
    • 5:18
      ♪ Aoyama TerumaIm here and waiting for you .....Kokoni Iruyo
    • 3:43
      [Im With You]I`m with you
    • 3:21
      ♫ NickelblackHero
    • 3:18
      NickelbackI can hear
    • 3:21
      KA4KA.RUNickelback - And they say that a hero can save us... Im not gonna stand here and wait... Ill hold onto the wings of the eagles... Watch as we all fly away...
    • 3:21
      NicklebackHero can save us
    • 4:31
      Chris BrownHe’s saying he’s your best friend And he’s always the one in your ear I know that he been waiting To get my ass up out of here It’s been a couple months now Baby I am not suprised But I’m a real nigga Girl, how you gon take his side
    • 3:15
      Fool's gardenLemon Tree